Mushy Matters Columbia, Missouri

Nothing is professional, nothing is recorded properly, and all songs are likely to never be played again. They are simply Mindless Mumbles, because I can never sleep

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Track Name: Some Sort of Resolution, But We'll Agree To Disagree
I've slept all day
and there's not a thing that I would change.
This is the new year.
Bring in the new year.

I popped champagne
and now I don't feel anything.
I think it's fine.
You're on my mind.
I think I'm fine.
I'm fine.

There's nothing left.
You threw away the key and burned your bridges now.
(Run around, run around)
I told you to run.
(Run around, run around)

New me, new year.
It's such a surprise to see you when you bear your bouquet.
It's fine.
I don't mind.

Cuz when ya run, run, run, run, run away.
Who ya gonna find?
Out there?
Track Name: I Decided Being Sad Was A Waste of Time (So I Stopped)
I've got whiskey and a lighter, they're turning out just fine 'cuz I ca't feel my mind
Track Name: Brought to You by the Under the Bed Brigade
When nobody loves you, you find it kind of hard to sleep at night